Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012....!!

i was soooo damn busy doing my asignments - especially my academic writing (bluek!!!) - sampai xde mase nk enjoy... so...just now, at one level, i can't stand anymore looking at my assignments and papers and pen...and i decided to move my ass to celebrate new year with my friends in KL... actually, it is not a part of my plan to celebrate new year  - it is just the beginning of another year -  but....hurm...let's get wild tiko..!!!go and fuck off all the is too short...!!!dah lama kot x enjoy2 camni...

so, disebabkan plan yg mcm kimak and lack of preparation, kitorg terperangkap dlm traffic jam...almost 30 minutes... and we park our car hell far!! but still...we enjoy da last day of 2011...sambil main2 spray, buat bising, posing2 amek gambo, main buih, bla3x..!!Fuhh...release tensyen seketika..(kononnya)!! disebabkan aku ni sgt hot and pakai sluar merah yg sgt expose (perasan sat), maka sesungguhnya, banyaklah hujan2 spray buih yg mencurah2 di badan aku...yeah..!!! let it rain over me bitch!!

crowded like hell..!!


In life, LOVE is never planned nor does it happen for a reason.But when the LOVE is real, it becomes your plan for life and your reason for living..ryte??? comment..!!

P/S: i don't know...but sometimes, i hate LOVE...i don't even believe in LOVE...

love is nothing but just a stupid feeling i guess..

HYE 2012!!!

this is my second blog actually...da 1st one...hurm...xingt password and username...BIG  'L'  lolx!!haha...and maybe this is the perfect time for me to start blogging...again -1/1/2012.perfect date huh???..i just want to write down everything i want to remember..hurm...ok...enough..

peace, tiko