Friday, February 17, 2012


          The day I decided to end our relationship with YOU, that’s when I died, once and for all. I lived in a body without feelings nor emotions….And that’s when I committed all the evil and stupidity.

          Sometimes, I think how it would have been if I was nothing but a small cute fucking doll, always hugged and loved by everyone. And I also thought how good it would have been if I was a cloud – white and pristine, untouchable but visible. Or if I was a camera, that only records pictures of fun and joy.

          And... at that moment and time when YOU told me you loved me, my body came back to life, full of spirit, strength and love, like a blooming flower in the morning. And I change myself into this new person; with the will to relearn the meaning of life. I feel in my effort,  I will succeed from my failure.

I am sorry for not being able to be a perfect person in the eyes of people, especially YOURS…But I can only give this meagre love to you until God decides to stop my time, here on earth…May our love be strong, sturdy and still forever……..

I love YOU…….

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